Thanks for your interest in the NCJC Religious School. Below you will be able to read our mission statement as well as a list of objectives we have for all of our graduates. However, just as books don’t make a curriculum, a mission statement can’t possibly reflect the nuance of a school community. We invite you to contact us for a personal tour of our school or to address any questions you may have. Each year, increasing numbers of families join our school community – a reflection of the dedication and creativity of our faculty members. While the New City Jewish Center is a large synagogue, we pride ourselves on creating sub-communities to help foster a more tailored experience. We look forward to meeting you soon!

B’shalom, Lynne Diwinsky Education Director and Principal


The New City Jewish Center Religious School strives to create student understanding and connections to contemporary Jewish life through the teaching and experiencing of the core tenets of Conservative Jewish traditions and practice. A graduate from New City Jewish Center’s Religious School will… be equipped to participate in all facets of modern Jewish life, ranging from the reading of Hebrew to engaging in a discourse on 21st century Jewish connection comprehend the role of Shabbat and the Jewish holidays and understand how to observe the customs and commandments associated with them be able to be an active participant with the prayer services, and feel comfortable walking in to a synagogue service anywhere in the world grasp the meaning of tzedakah (righteousness), and recognize it as a central Jewish virtue recognize the State of Israel as a homeland for the Jews of the world be prepared to participate in Jewish lifecycle events have the confidence to live a proud, Jewish life feel comfortable in their role in the American Jewish community understand what it means to be a Jew, and comprehend their place as a “link” in the chain of Jewish peoplehood